How You Can Empower Yourself And Get Rid of Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a medical condition in which sexual intercourse becomes very difficult for women because of the uncontrolled contraction of vaginal muscles during intercourse when vaginal penetration is attempted. This condition, unlike other sexual conditions, isn’t limited to intercourse, and can also make vaginal testing difficult for your gynecologist. This condition can severely impact your sexual life if you are married.

Since many women are embarrassed to talk about this condition, they fail to seek medical help in a timely manner. Many women don’t even know what they are going through. That’s why this condition can make women feel hopeless.

Here are some steps you can take to empower yourself and get rid of vaginismus.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Whenever open full event from your past comes into your mind, your nervous system might show a response to that event. That is because your nervous system cannot tell the difference between your thoughts and what is currently being done to your body.So, your thinking can actually affect your body.

So, you can treat vaginismus by thinking positive, and by eliminating any negative thoughts you might have about sex from your past experiences. This is the first step you can take towards the treatment of this painful condition.This is also the main reason why behavioral therapy can help you get rid of vaginismus.

Try Vaginal Dilation

There are products named vaginal dilators available in the market which you can use to treat vaginismus.These products are used to train your nervous system for vaginal penetration. This way, when you actually take part in sexual intercourse, your nervous system would not issue a response towards penetration.

Vaginal dilatorsvary greatly in size, and you can start from small dilators and make your way up to a larger size to train your vagina for penetration. This is a subtle way of treating vaginismus in the long run.

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