What is the impact of primer use on your makeup?

What is the impact of primer use on your makeup?

Even with the best blend of foundation and concealer, sometimes your face makeup will not work. It looks streaky, makes your pores look bigger, and creases easily. Primer is the solution to all these problems. With a small dollop of a good face primer, your pores are blurred, the skin is smoothed, and makeup glides on easily. Let us take a closer look at hunmui face primer reviews on how to use primer makeup and what it is used for.

Why is makeup primer used?

You can also use a primer to prime your eyelids so your eye makeup stays put. Primer makeup prepares your skin and creates an ideal canvas for applying your makeup on top. Various types of primers are available on the market, each with its texture and application. A primer can be a serum that moisturizes your face or a sunscreen that reduces pores and smooths your skin and you can check out the positive response from hunmui face primer reviews. Silicone-based primers, on the other hand, are the most common and effective primers because they smooth out your skin, blur your pores, and feel somewhat tacky when applied. Their tackiness helps makeup stick to it better and last longer. There are some additional benefits of using primer makeup before you start your makeup application that may seem a gimmick at first.


  1. By using primer, your pores are blurred, your skin is smoothed, and your amount of oil is decreased throughout the day.
  2. In addition to brightening and refining your skin, primers also help you apply makeup smoothly.
  3. Using a face primer will also prevent your makeup from creasing or settling into your fine lines and will help it stay put all day long.
  4. A primer helps your makeup last for a prolonged period, whether you’re wearing it on a long day in the heat or at a function.
  5. Primer helps makeup sit on your skin smoothly without looking splotchy due to enlarged pores.
  6. It helps even out skin with acne or dry patches, and prevents any product from settling into it.
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